Transformation of Cities in Central and Eastern Europe: Towards Globalization

F.E. Ian Hamilton, Kaliopa Dimitrovska Andrews & Nataša Pichler-Milanović

Založba: United Nations University Press, Tokyo - 2002

Kratka predstavitev

This book identifies and describes the transformation of Central and Eastern European cities towards market oriented and democratic systems. The dramatic changes since 1989 including the collapse of Communist ideology, the break-up of the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, the end of the Cold War and the impact of globalization and European integration, have reconfigured the region and effected the re-integration of the capital cities into European and global networks. The authors examine the role of contemporary planning within the overall development of Central and Eastern European cities, and they consider the similarities and differences between significant cities; comparing the historical contexts and socialist legacies before 1990, and the subsequent impacts of internal and external forces re-shaping these cities. These themes are explored in a rich set of case-studies about capital cities in Central Europe (Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Ljubljana, and Warsaw), the Baltic States (Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius), South-East Europe (Sofia) and Eastern Europe (Moscow). The authors also examine the impacts of globalization and the European Union, Current urban development practices, and policy networks. The conclusion demonstrates the similarities and differences between Central and Eastern European cities and their re-integration into global networks. Most notably it examines the impact of European integration and the importance of cross-border regionalisation and cooperation for the formation of global integration zones. What these cities achieve and how they develop will be profoundly shaped by interactions within global and local contexts, and wider developments in economies, politics and society.

Avtorji poglavij F.E. Ian Hamilton, Kaliopa Dimitrovska Andrews & Nataša Pichler-Milanović
ISBN 92-808-1105-3



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