Ines Grenc

MA, Political Science

Phone: +386 (0)1 420 13 00 int. 32

Research themes

  • Project Office


Ines Grenc, Master of Political Science, began her professional career in the personnel department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and continued as a professional associate in the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia (Committee on Internal Affairs, Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Committee on Culture, Committee on Infrastructure, Environment and Space). Based on her professional and private efforts in the direction of environmental preservation, Minister for Development and Cohesion Policy invited her to participate in the beginning of EU macro-regional strategies’ story. More precisely, to the Slovenian leadership of the EUSAIR Facility Point strategic project. Its purpose is to support countries of the Adriatic-Ionian region in joint action in the areas of blue growth, transport and energy connectivity, sustainable tourism and, finally, environmental quality. From the content point of view, she covered the latter, while from the organizational point of view, she led the management of communication for all 10 involved countries. Since 2023, she is employed at UIRS in the project office. With her experience, she provides support to researchers in the application and implementation processes of projects with social and environmental responsibility. In her work, she is guided by a clearly outlined vision and contribution to the mosaic of a shared, improved future. While in her spare time, she enjoys the creative flow of life, nature accompanied by her dog, a good book and discovering new hidden corners of the world.

Selected current projects

  • (ROAD3P)
    MVZI - Ministrstvo za visoko šolstvo, znanost in inovacije (2023 - 2026)


Urban Planning institute of the Republic of Slovenia
Trnovski pristan 2
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