Guideline and Control Frameworks for Urban Structures

Kaliopa Dimitrovska Andrews

Publisher: Urbani izziv − publikacije - 2011


While considering the general (large) city scale and local (small) scale of place, influences of design criteria on the development of physical structure are presented, which are applicable for directing the urban design of particular sites. The purpose is to clarify and point out principles of good urban design, which respects context, continuity and identity in the development of urban spaces and the city. Starting with urban design in contemporary planning documents, the monograph deals with legal basics, execution of design control in the planning process and examples of best practices.

Preface Kaliopa Dimitrovska Andrews
Proofread Nina Novak
Redaction Boštjan Kerbler
Chapter author Kaliopa Dimitrovska Andrews
Design Barbara Železnik Bizjak, Barbara Mušič
Funding sources Slovenian Book Agency, European faculty of Law, Nova Gorica, Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning Slovenia
Reviewers: prof. dr. Fedja Košir, doc. dr. Breda Mihelič
Lecturer: Nina Novak
Editor: Boštjan Kerbler
Publisher: Urban Planning Institute of Republic of Slovenia
Represented by: Breda Mihelič, director
Collection: Urban challenge - Publications
Editor of the collection: Boštjan Kerbler
Cover design: Barbara Mušič
Design, page break, and printing: Garamond, d.o.o.
Print run: 300 copies
First print
© Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia
All rights reserved
Within the scope of the copyright law, this book and its parts are forbidden to be photocopied without the written permission of the publishing house, stored in electronic form, reprinted, reproduced and processed, published and distributed in other ways.


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