Planning and adapting the built environment to the needs of people with functional impairments

Marija Vovk

Publisher: Urbani izziv -publikacije, Urbanistični inštitut RSLjubljana 2000 - 2000


The handbook provides practical answers to the majority of questions concerning the designing and construction of space without architectural and other built-environment barriers. It includes recommendations for the removal of barriers from residential, non-residential and public spaces, taking into account also transport aspects. At the back, is an appendix presenting the basic anthropometrical data for people with functional impairments for different ages and both sexes.

Preface prof.mag. Vladimir Braco Mušič, Karel Pollak
Proofread Alenka Lokar Blatnik
Design Vilma Zupan
Funding sources The output of the manual was financially supported: Oddelek za kulturo in raziskovlano dejavnost, Mestna uprava, Mestna občina Ljubljana in Urad Republike Slovenije za prostorsko planiranje, Ministrstvo za okolje in prostor.
Collection: Urban challenge - Publications
Publisher: Urban Planning Institute of Republic of Slovenia
Represented by director: doc.dr.Kaliopa Dimitrovska Andrews
Editor: Ivan Stanič
Design and illustrations: Vilma Zupan
DTP: Žaba design, k.d, Ljubljana
Lighting: Raf, d.o.o., Ljubljana
Print: Tiskarna Simčič, Ljubljana
Print run: 500 copies
All rights are reserved. Reproduction, input to electronic media and further forwarding of the book and its individual parts or pages (in all possible forms - mechanical, electronic, photocopying, etc.) is possible only with the prior written consent of the authors.


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