HOUSING REFORM: expectations, needs, realisation)

Richard Sendi

Publisher: Urbani izziv -publikacije, Urbanistični inštitut RSLjubljana 2007 - 2007


The book presents an exceptionally critical analysis of the implementation of housing policy in Slovenia and the role of the major actors in the period 1991-2006.On the bases of clear and strong arguments the authors provide proof that the state was totally unsuccessful in the implementation of housing policy and achievement of its goals. The detailed commentaries on the statements made and decisions taken by some of the top representatives of the state, decision makers and other experts, give the book particular sharpness. Emerging from the shortcomings established in the analysis and on the basis of an extensive literature review, the editor and principal author (Richard Sendi) proposes, in the final chapter, a model housing system for Slovenia. He also specifies and elaborates a list of measures that need to be urgently introdced in order to facilitate greater efficiency of the operation of the housing market. In this way, the book offers, in addition to the critical analysis, also a constructive perspective into the future.

Preface Richard Sendi
Proofread Simona Stražišar
Redaction Boštjan Kerbler Kefo, Luka Mladenovič
Chapter author Richard Sendi, Srna Mandič, Maša Filipovič, Andreja Cirman
Design Tridesign d.o.o.
Cover: Biba Tominc
Print: Garmond d.o.o.
Print run: 200 copies
Publisher: Urban Planning Institute of Republic of Slovenia, Trnovski pristan 2, 1127 Ljubljana
Represented by director: Dimitrovska Andrews
Collection: Urban challenge - Publications
Editor of the collection: Richard Sendi
All rights are reserved. Reproduction, input to electronic media and further forwarding of the book and its individual parts or pages (in all possible forms - mechanical, electronic, photocopying, etc.) is possible only with the prior written consent of the authors.


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