Single-family house building manual

Richard Sendi and Boštjan Cotič

Publisher: Tehniška založba SlovenijeLjubljana 2007 - 2007


This handbook is intended for all those contemplating building or intending to participate in any way in the construction of a single-family house. It provides extensive information on the entire process, from thinking about building to the actual building activity. It consists of six main chapters identifying all the major aspects that need to be taken into consideration before deciding to build and the procedure that must be followed once the decision to build has been taken. It starts off with the definition of a “self-builder” and their role in society. This is followed by a presentation of the most important aspects including: planning, choice of location, financing, construction, use and maintenance of the house. A glossary of the important and common professional terms is also included at the end of the handbook.

Proofread Katarina Pevnik
Chapter author Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia: Richard Sendi, Boštjan Cotič, Ina Šuklje Erjavec; External associates: Andrej Erjavec, Mojmir Slaček, Miha Tomšič, Milena Tržan, Marko Rant, Sašo Šantl
Design FIGO, d.o.o.
Funding sources Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia
Sketches author: Andrej Erjavec
Publisher: Tehnična založba Slovenije, d.d.
Represented by:: Branko Bergant
Chief editor​: Bojan Švigelj
Project manager: Miha Zorec
Editor:​ Bojan Škilan
Technical editor:​ Stanislav Oražem
DTP: FIGO, d.o.o.
Print: Kadič & Co., d.n.o.
Print run: 2000


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